How to start dropservicing for beginners 2020

How to start dropservicing for beginners  2020

In this guide i am going to show you how to dropservice webdesign services.

I will give you a simple example of how dropserving works

N:B if you do not know what dropservicing is check out this guide

You can dropservice in two ways 

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  • Online 
  • Offline 

We are going to talk about the two ways to start dropservicing for beginners  2020 and compare them.


Mr peterson is the owner of peterson hospital and he does not do anything about internet marketing( i.e promoting his hospital online)

I am a dropservicing agent, i will meet up with mr peterson and educate him about  online marketing, and i will tell him the benefit of a website in his business. 

I will offer to build him a website

Then,i will go offer to and contact them asking for the same site mr peterson needs

I will negotiate on the price of the website with cheapwebdesignrs, E.g ₦30,000.

I will then charge Mr. Peterson ₦35,000-₦40,000 any extra amount i want.

This is a win win win situation

  • Mr Peterson gets his website and gets an increase in his hospital’s growth and publicity.
  • I as the drop servicing agent make extra ₦5,000-₦10,000 profit without doing any hard work. 
  • Cheapwebdesignrs make money building up the website.

Do you like this business model?if yes, I am going to show you how to do it as a beginner and i will give you my personal templates to help you start.

Dropservicing offline

I am going to show you how to dropservice offline. I recommend this mode for starters because it is free of charge.


  • Computer or mobile phone
  • Internet connection (not high)
  • airtime 
  • Closing skill (i will give you a free template to help you close deals faster)

How to find clients/customers to your agency.

The fundamental way to find clients is through your family or friends, you can tell them to help you to advertise your agency. But if you do not have contacts, their is a free way to get clients.

The software we are going to use is Google maps

Google maps is a software that helps you Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions.

Google maps helps you as an entrepreneur to find local businesses, there are millions of local businesses in the world and many of them do not have an online presence (website), you as an entrepreneur are going to meet with the business owner to tel them about what they are missing and how you can help them.

I am going to show you how  to use google maps to find clients.

  • Head over to google maps
google maps
google maps
  •  Search for your preferred business niche in your area e.g dentists in enugu nigeria.
dentist in enugu
  • A full list will be displayed 
full list
  • Look for the business with no website icon showing
  • Click on one of  the businesses; the contact list and location will be displayed to you.
  • Copy out his contact, it could be the business number or their  email

After doing all these things listed above. We have our first potential client 

N:B you can do this in different towns or cities or countries, it depends on you. And I recommend making a list of 100 potential customers, this will help you to reduce stress.

Converting your potential clients to real paying customers

This is where there is work for you, you need to have a basic knowledge of how to sale something to somebody atany moment in time.

The main thing you have to focus on is telling him about the problem affecting your clients business  


Hey there,

It looks like your business is missing out on an opportunity to get over 80% more customers through the door of your business. 

This  starting sentence will draw their attention and make them want to listen to you .All the basic skills and techniques you need, I have compiled, make sure to download it here. 

How to contact with the web developers (cheapwebdesignrs)

  • Click on the services menu 
  • Browse through and click on the website of your choice
  • Contact the team through the various mediums like email or phone to negotiate the deal.
contact us
  • After The negotiation  go back to your clients and tell them your preferred  price, Make sure to add an extra money on top of the web developers price.
  • Pay cheapwebdesignrs  to design the website and pocket your profit 
  •  Always keep track of the progress of the website.

That is a wrap on how to dropservice offline

N:B dropservicing offline is quite stressful and it requires a lot of effort and consistency. But the good news is it is 100% free except for airtime that you will use to contact these businesses.

Many people lose hope in dropservicing offline because it is stressful and you may feel that you’re wasting airtime to call someone that will never call you back or will deny your service, i would tell you this do not lose hope. If you can get ten clients, you can then be able to purchase a new computer if you do not have and switch to online dropservicing.

Dropservicing online


  • Computer or mobile phone
  • Internet connection ( high)
  • Dropservicing website.
  • airtime (optional)
  • Closing skill (i will give you a free template to help you close deals faster)

Advantages of website to dropservicing

  1. This is the best way to dropservice and to help build the brand of your agency. 
  2. You can integrate a payment gateway to your website to accept payment online. 
  3. People can find you faster and also,
  4.  You can showcase all the websites your agency has built (although you did not build it).
  5. It can help you to run paid advertisements.

As you have guessed the best way to do this is having a website and where can you get a site, as you know cheapwebdesignr

When negotiating with them tell them that you are a dropservicing agent then they will give you more bonus and will offer you 20% off of the cost of the website.

After that, they will invite you to an online ads mastery course where they will teach you on the best ways to run google ads, youtube ads and facebook ads.

After that just promote your website in the different traffic sources such as facebook groups e.t.c i will be releasing free guides on how to boost website traffic very soon so stick with  the blog and wait for further updates.

All you have to do is receive orders from customers and transfer them to cheapwebdesignr. 

That is a wrap on how to dropservice online

What are you waiting for jump right in and How to start dropservicing for beginners  2020

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