How to start dropservicing in 2020

The Business method we are going to talk about is called Dropservicing.

Are you wondering on how to start dropservicing in 2020. i will explain that to you in this guide.

Dropservicing is a new business model that involves the marketing/leveraging of services online,with or without any technical skill.This Means that you do not need any skill to do this business.

 How do i start dropservicing in 2020.

   Firstly You will have to pick a niche. Remember you do not need to have any knowledge of the niche you want to go into. 

So what is a niche?

A niche is a marketing field denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population. An example of a niche is web design.

There are many other niches out there you can research about the niche you want to go into.

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But the popular niche that is good for beginners is web design, why is it good it is good because many businesses out there are in need of website to compete with their adversary over having a 21st century business environment, let’s not go into the long story.

Secondly, setting up your business,this is where  little work is required.

You have to choose whether to get a website or work without a website.But i strongly recommend for you to get a cheap website as a startup this can help you to make profit faster you can get a very cheap website at ,why do i recommend them i got this blog from them and i paid a very small amount of money for a full operational website and the bonus offers i got where free ssl certificate,free logo design, free cloud hosting(not from free hosting websites) and many more Go grab yours today.

But if you do not have money and you are starting with nothing this is where the most work is you need to ask your friends to help you, below  are the list of things you need replace a website, but i do not recommend this some people tried it, it took them a lot of time but it worked

  • Social media- you need to be very active on social media as your friends to help you to promote your services with their friends and families.
  • Groups and forums-you need to join groups and forms try to build their trust before you start promoting your services to them.

How to find clients

This the most important part of the business ,finding client is also the hardest that is where a website will help.With a website you do not need to convert your lead (potential client) to a paying customer because all the information he needs will be in your website thereby reducing the time to build trust, but if you do not have a website you have to work on sales technique, how to close a deal because your lead will have a hard time trusting you.

I will give you the list of my own client sources 

  • Google maps
  • Facebook groups
  • Friends and referrals
  • Google ads
  • Facebook ads 

In this guide I am going to cover Google maps and how you can start dropservicing in 202 with it.

Many of you know google maps, google maps helps to find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions all over the world.

How to use google maps to generate leads.

Head over to google maps,

search for any business around you that needs a website e.g hospital, schools,  dental clinic real estate agency, attorney, rentals e.t.c ; eg dental clinics in nsukka

search bar
search for any business you wish to work with.

Full list of all the result will be displayed

Go to them individually to check for their contact information. 

Disclaimer: The contact information is displayed by google for you to contact the business owners to talk business only.

You have two options you can either call them (cold-calling) or you can email them.

Cold-calling is the best because you will get a chance to talk to him and find out if the business owner has any problem, but it is also difficult because your action determines how your lead will trust you.

But I have a bonus gift for you. I will give you my own script for free Download here.

How to leverage the service (find workers) 

Now you have the the service you are offering and a client the next step is to leverage your service. This is how it works 

Step 1: you sell your services for 100% price

Step 2 :you buy 75% service and gain 25% profit

i.e  You charge $100 for a full website, 

      You buy a website for $75 and you keep $25 

Sounds like a good business, why i recommend taking only 25% is to keep your customer satisfaction very high which is the most important,because they may refer other people to you.

Where do i outsource my services to

 If you choose other niches you can go to freelancing sites such as to post your work then when the work is done you can deliver it to your client.

But if you are in webdesign niche which is one of the most popular and most profitable go to, because they offer additional bonus to your clients which increases customer satisfaction.


Drop servicing may be the next big thing. It is easy to implement, and it is easy to earn. The thing with drop servicing is that no physical goods are involved.

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