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Choosing Your Niche-An Important Step in Your YouTube Marketing Video + bonus free course in the End.


When you are signing up for a YouTube account in order to market your business, services, or products, one of the most important things you can do is to choose the right niche. Why? Because it can help you with marketing purposes even within You Tube.

You might be thinking that you don’t want to limit yourself by just choosing one type of niche. However, think of it as being a small fish in a big pond if you just go with the “Standard” account. By narrowing down your niche, you have a better chance of standing out from the crowd. It also helps people find you. Once they have found you, you will get more clicks on your videos and then hopefully, more clicks to your external website.

Of course, you can always just go with a standard account. However, if you are marketing something specific then it makes sense to go the extra mile and choose one of the other options. Let’s take a look at them…

1. A Guru Account: If you are an expert in your field and your videos are going to show that then you should sign up for a Guru account. With a Guru account you can have links to your other websites from your profile page, as well as a logo.

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2. A Director Account: Are you an inspiring Spielberg? If so, then you should consider a Director account which is a good option if you are uploading your own videos that you have made yourself in order to showcase your creativity.

3. A Comedian Account: Many comedians sign up for You Tube accounts in order to get exposure. You can also promote your stand-up act, public access television show, or even CDs. In addition, with this kind of account you can also list upcoming shows as well.

4. A Musician Account: Aspiring musicians should choose this option. With a musician’s account, you can promote your music with You Tube. You will be able to choose your music genre, make a logo, show your tour dates, and even give people links in which they can purchase your CDs.

If you decide later that you want to pick a niche and not just stick with “Standard” then you can do that, too. Just go to your channel information page and change your account type.

Create the Perfect YouTube Marketing Video-5 Tips To Get it Right

You can use YouTube to market your business, product, or services. However, you need a good video in order to draw traffic and make people want to visit your website after they have finished watching.

So what goes into the perfect YouTube marketing video? Creativity always counts, of course, as does professionalism. Still, there are other things to take into consideration as well. The following is a list of 5 tips that will get you started.

1. Make your video creative: With all of the videos out there, yours needs to stand out in the crowd. Use fun music, great shots, and try to find an angle that hasn’t already been done. People generally turn on to You Tube to be entertained and your video needs to be able to do this.

2. Give some tips or solutions to common problems that are associated with your particular product, business, or services:This is an informational type of video and the audience will like the fact that they are learning something. Try to make the tips unique enough that most people can use them but haven’t necessarily heard of them before.

3. Make your video educational: People like to learn things when they watch video. Your perfect You Tube marketing video doesn’t have to be all about how to find your website and what the cost of your product is. For example, if you are advertising your mechanical business then why not give a demonstration on how to change a tire? People will watch your video, learn something, and then visit your website. These how-to videos are a lot less threatening than standard commercials or advertisement that you see on television. Plus, they are entertaining.

4. Add some realism or “behind the scenes” in your video: You can do this by introducing your staff, introducing some customers, or even giving the audience a “behind the scenes” tour of the office, factory, or place of work. People appreciate this and it gives your product or business some authenticity.

5. Add closed-captions to your video: Keep in mind that not everyone is able to hear and that those audience members might be the very ones that want to order your product. It’s very thoughtful to keep the hearing impaired in mind when creating a video, even a marketing video, because most people rarely do.

Video and YouTube Marketing-Great Tips

A lot of the great videos on YouTube that have become popular have done so by word of mouth. It wasn’t because some great marketing plan or promotion scheme went on within them or that the makers were brilliant people and knew how to get the word out. No, it was because someone saw it, thought it was great, and spread the word.

Unfortunately, no matter how good your video is, this doesn’t happen very often. After all, there are millions of videos out there and only a handful become really popular. So if you want your marketing video for your business or product to get noticed, you’re going to have to put some work into it.

While YouTube can be a great place for your marketing video, if nobody ever sees it then it’s not going to do you any good. Here are 4 tips that you can use for your video and You Tube marketing experience.

1. If you want people to visit your website, then you need to include the address within the video itself. You might have a great video that everyone talks about. However, they need to know how to find your product and business afterward. Going to Google, typing in a phrase, and then sorting through the choices is just sometimes too much work for people.

2.  You can also include your URL at the bottom of the entire video. This is a good idea because if people clip it or make mashups you will still get credit for the video, as well as traffic to your website.

3.  Keep it simple. Don’t think that your marketing video has to be extravagant, expensive, polished, or complicated. As a matter of fact, it’s better if it isn’t any of these things at all. Try to keep it fairly short, too. Most of the popular videos are well under 5 minutes long. An entertaining video that has people talking is a lot better than an expensive video that is simply boring.

4. Think about adding some humor to your video. People like to laugh and many people come to YouTube expecting to be entertained. So you’re not a comedian? That’s okay. You can also try adding some music, some interesting clips, or a gimmick. Just keep your audience in mind. You’re not looking to impress executives or win a presentation award-you want people to be entertained and to then visit your site.

YouTube Marketing Tips-Promoting Your Perfect Marketing Video

Congratulations! You have succeeded in creating the perfect YouTube marketing video for your business or product. You know that people are going to love and it and might possibly watch it over and over again. Now, how do you direct people to it?

Ah, that is one of the issues that people face once they have completed a project-the marketing. Except now, you have to market your marketing materials. Do how do you promote your prefect marketing video?

Firstly, make sure that people understand what it is that you are trying to promote with your video. Although some very popular videos seemingly have nothing to do with the products that they advertise, they do eventually try to make a point out of their video. You should do the same. At the very least, you need to include your URL within your video or else people won’t know how to get to your website afterward.

Secondly, you should also try to make your video entertaining. By doing this, people will want to watch it. They will also want to tell their friends about it. They might even post it on their blogs, Facebook page, and Myspace page. This is great free promotion for you and your website. Word of mouth is one of the great marketing tools out there-and it’s free!

Unless you are promoting your magic act, try to make it as realistic as possible. People watch You Tube videos to be entertained, but they also like seeing real people in real situations. This is not the time to bring out your CGI and big budget special effects.

Make sure that you use tags and categories in the right way. Tags is what search engines will use to find your video. Don’t just use random tags, either. Make sure that they actually have something to do with the video that people are watching. With that being said, make sure that your tags cover all aspects of the video, too. For instance, if you are marketing your real estate business in Dallas, then make sure your tag words have something to do with real estate, houses, buying property, and Dallas.

Lastly, never underestimate the power of promoting yourself. Add your URL to every outgoing email that you send. Also, if you belong to any group, make sure that your URL is part of your signature. Your presence will help drive traffic to your site.

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