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Want to calculate how much money you can earn with AdSense? You’re in the right place, we made this AdSense revenue calculator to help publishers quickly estimate their earning potential with AdSense. How much you can earn with AdSense depends on a lot of factors including geography, audience, demographics, device, niche, ad layout, seasonality, etc., so it can be really difficult to predict the exact amount you will earn with AdSense.

However, you can use this AdSense revenue calculator to arrive at a ballpark estimate if you know your traffic numbersclickthrough rates (CTRs), and cost per click (CPC). Below, we have also provided detailed explanations of what these metrics mean along with industry- and country-wise averages for them, in case you don’t have the numbers handy.

About the Metrics Used

Daily page impressions: The average traffic that your website receives on a single day. It’s best to calculate the number based on data from over a long time period—such as last quarter or last year. This way any sudden spikes or decline in traffic will average out during calculation.

Clickthrough Rate (CTR): Clickthrough rate is the number of times your ads are clicked per 100 served impressions. One of the most direct ways to grow ad revenue to to increase your CTR. CTRs typically lie between the range 0.14% to 0.84%, with 0.35% being the average.

Average Cost Per Click (CPC): The average revenue generated by a single click. To calculate this number, divide your total revenue generated in a given period of time by the total number of clicks in that time period. CPC depends on a lot of factors, with industry average being 0.75%.

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The Best Google Adsense Alternatives

Why Should I Look for Alternatives to Adsense?

Maybe you didn’t get approved for AdSense, or you’re busy appealing an account ban for invalid click activity, or you want to load up your ad stack to increase revenues. Whatever the reason, all is not lost. AdSense may be the market leader, but there are many competitors and Google AdSense alternatives that can provide good eCPMs and supplement ad revenue.

I have listed The Best Google Adsense Alternatives to the list below as used and recommended by our very own ad optimization team.